Welcome - I’m so glad you found me! I’m excited for you to take your first step in healing your lady parts and being the best version of you possible!

We are the source where all of the things that are preventing you from feeling amazing in your female body can be resolved.

Our mission is to help you reclaim your health so you can live the life you’re supposed to.

FLO Living is the first virtual hormone health center for younger women.

  • Your Hormones Affect:

  • Your period
  • Your fertility
  • Your life : sex drive, mood, energy, weight, & skin

Taking care of your female body should be easy and in a format that’s easy to access!

FLO Living is a place you can come to understand the root causes of your symptoms, what to do naturally to resolve them, and to get the support you need to make the changes in your diet.

Nobody else does what we do. We have helped thousands of women in 216 countries over the past 14 years fix their periods, get pregnant, and navigate perimenopause.

The FLO protocol addresses the functional endocrine causes of your condition and uses food, supplements, and lifestyle changes to help you in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s handle your hormonal problems naturally.

How it works:

1. Tell Us What You Want To Fix

Pick your symptoms or condition and access our articles and videos to discover the root cause of your issue.

2. Access the FLO Protocol Online

Support your hormone health through food and lifestyle changes prescribed in targeted symptom-focused programs for your period, fertility, and sex drive on the online FLO educational platform.

3. Get One-on-One Coaching

Talk to one of our coaches over Skype to get even more support in making sure you make the changes from the protocol. All of our coaches have been in your shoes and have recovered from a hormonal imbalance too!

We know that if you sync your self-care with your body's cycle, you can finally feel good in your body!

Learn more about FLO and how it works.

It’s time to stop ignoring the forces of nature inside you, so you can become the force of nature you’re meant to be!

You want to feel like yourself again. No actually you want to feel like the best version of yourself that you see in your head. Somehow, though, you’ve gotten off balance. I get how that happens – you’re chasing your career, starting a business, trying to become a mom, being a mom, in relationships, things are pulling you in so many directions and you just don’t look and feel like you should.

If you’re period’s totally missing or incredibly painful… if you’re suffering with PCOS, endometriosis, or chronic infections… if you’re having trouble conceiving or have miscarried… if you have zero sex drive… if you’re constantly feeling ‘wired-tired’ and lying wide awake at night…

All of these are symptoms that you’re told are common, typical, and usual…

NONE of this is NORMAL.
You can fix your issues with food.

Everything you’ve been told about food and your body is wrong.

You are a cyclical, rhythmic, creative creature. You have to feed yourself the things that nurture, protect, and keep vibrant the thing that makes you uniquely female – your hormones.

FLO Living is not just another diet… it’s a women-centric health system that syncs with your unique rhythm. It’s the same one that’s helped thousands of women in 216 countries over the past 14 years feel energized, get regular, healthy periods, get pregnant, and have a better sex life.

It’s not complicated, mysterious, out of control.
It’s your body – solved.

That’s why
I created FLO Living

Ive been exactly where you are - hormonal problems were ruining my quality of life. I wanted to take control of my body and I wanted to do it naturally. The protocol at the core of our programs is the one I created to recover from PCOS, not having a period, being over 200lbs, having cystic acne, being tired, depressed and being told that I would never conceive naturally and maybe not even with IVF. This protocol is exactly what allowed me to get pregnant naturally at 37. This is the lifestyle that allows me the abundant energy and creativity and passion to be married, to be a mom, and to be an entrepreneur.

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