Where stress really comes from

A few weeks before giving birth, I was in the middle of a meeting with my team members, which ran overtime by an hour. Usually the smoothie I have in the morning is enough to last me until right after the meeting, but as the time continued to pass I noticed my blood sugar dropping and my anxiety levels rising. I could palpably feel the cortisol surging through my system during the end of that meeting – I was stressed and anxious and couldn’t think straight. But once I ate, the cortisol flushed out and I felt a sigh of relief.

The moral of the story? So much of our stress is triggered by not eating correctly.

The reality of modern-day life is that you get busy and you get stressed. A lot of that can’t be avoided because you’re trying to achieve as much as you can in your career, social life, family, relationships, and more. And you pride yourself on keeping up with all of it. I get it.

But if you were to stop for a second in the midst of all of this, you’d feel how amped-up you really are! You’d feel the cortisol surging through your bloodstream, keeping you on alert.

When it comes to stress, the problem is not your busy schedule, it’s what happens to your body when you skip self-nourishment in the midst of that busy schedule.

That’s what stress really is.

Your brain can adapt to a big to-do list, but the body – when it’s not given the food foundation it needs to help you with those tasks – becomes really stressed out.

And the good news is, you can prevent this.

I’m excited to introduce the WomanCode way of handling stress in your life. If you’ve taken part in my online premium training program or if you’ve read my book, you’re probably already a bit familiar with this approach, and if you haven’t yet, this is your chance to get in the know.

Start by sharing with me here your biggest question when it comes to handling stress.

Then sign up for my brand new webinar,  Address Your Stress the WomanCode Way.

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Address Your Stress the WomanCode Way

November Webinar

As women, we have adapted mentally to far greater stresses than any other generation before us. However, physically, our bodies are actually performing worse than ever before under this level of stress. It has to do with what we’re eating, the chemicals we’re exposed to, and our lifestyle choices.

When it comes to dealing with stress, it isn’t so much a mental game as it is a physical game.

Join me in a brand new class that will change the way you think and act when it comes to stress.

In the webinar we’ll cover:

  • How to really deal with stress from a functional medicine standpoint
  • How to heal and support your adrenal glands
  • The foods and supplements that help with stress
  • Exercising with your cyclical patterns to balance stress
  • Alisa’s favorite stress management practices

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot!

Please note that there are 2 times to choose from to listen in at no cost to you. If you miss it, the class will become available for purchase at a later date.

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