Meet Your New Normal with Alisa Vitti

Welcome! I’m Alisa Vitti, creator of FLOliving. Before I tell you the story behind FLO and my system, WOMANCODE, let me ask you something…

Ever get PMS (weight gain, acne, headaches, and mood swings), or low sex drive, or other hormonal symptoms, and hate every moment of it but accept it as a normal part of being a woman?

Struggling with infertility and so are many – if not all – of your friends? Does it feel like every woman you know is having to medicalize her conception – through IVF, fertility drugs, etc.?

Does this feel normal to you?

Well I’ve got good and bad news for you:

It’s not normal.

That’s good news because it means you don’t have to put up with those symptoms. You can actually get rid of them forever, and experience a new normal – feeling good all month long, at every stage of life.

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It’s bad news because if you do put up with those symptoms, and ignore them, they can lead to some scary health problems down the road. We’re talking heart disease, diabetes, and premature aging.

In that sense, I got lucky. My condition – my hormonal red flag – was impossible to ignore.


The big red flag

15 years ago, I weighed 200lbs. My face, chest and back were covered in painful – and very unpretty – cystic acne. I only had my period twice a year, was exhausted and depressed, and had no idea what was wrong with me. But I knew something was. There was no mistaking this for normal.


I wanted the magic pill

Finally, after 6 years of seeing doctor after doctor, specialist after specialist, trying to figure out what was wrong with me, I helped one doctor diagnose me with polycyistic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). While it was an answer to the mystery, it was hardly a solution. I thought once there was a name to my condition, there would be a pill to fix it.

The hard truth

There was no treatment besides taking an under-researched cocktail of medications that I was told may or may not help my symptoms, and none of which would cure me.


Choosing a different path

It didn’t make sense to me to take medications that didn’t treat the underlying causes of my condition. I wanted a natural solution. I wanted a life that wouldn’t involve unending tests and pills and a scary forecast for my future.

I wasn’t the only one

20+ Million Women Suffer with Menstrual, Fertility, and Libido Issues

  • Menstrual Issues: PMS, PCOS, Irregular Cycles, Heavy Bleeding, Amenorrhea, Mood Disturbances, Weight Gain
  • Fertility Issues: Preserving and Term Fertility in Late 20’s/Early 30’s, Natural Post Partum Depression and Weight Stabilization
  • Energy/Libido Issues: Chronic Fatigue, Adrenal Burnout, Low Sex Drive, Mental Clarity, Mood Stability, Weight Gain.

Food saved me

My research showed me that food was the most powerful drug at my disposal. I developed a food protocol that eventually restored my hormonal health, and is now helping women all over the world who have gotten their FLO back.

They’re not only feeling great in their bodies and looking their best, but living in a state of flow, where they have more momentum and energy for everything they do.


Hormones affect everything

hormonesThat’s the bottom line here. When your hormones are in balance, everything about you, from the inside out, is functioning and looking its best.


Get your hormones working for you, not against you

Western medicine has become so amazing, and yet when it comes to our hormones, we often believe that suffering until menopause – and then suffering more throughout it – is just how it is. Instead, how about a culture where you’re in the driver’s seat of your health every day, you feel great all month long, and partner with your hormones so they’re not a source of grief, but rather your greatest source of power.
That’s why we created FLO. To introduce women to a new normal, where easy periods, a juicy sex drive, a halted aging process, and tons of energy are par for the course.

Love that idea? Get the Code.

Fixing your hormones is so easy, it’s almost ridiculous. They contain a code. And when you unlock that code, you discover a possibility for a new way of living — you become so in sync with your natural rhythms that your hormones start to support you in your projects, work, and personal life.