5 Tips for Counteracting a Sedentary Lifestyle

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Are you doing this one thing to block healthy blood flow and nutrient flow to your ovaries?

Take a moment and stand up right now. Yes, get up from your desk or wherever you find yourself. (Don’t worry. No one’s watching.) If you dare, move your hips around, stretch your sides, move your feet.

Ok, you can sit down again.

Why are we interrupting your daily routine with this seemingly silly request?

Only because it could be a large factor in preventing menstrual difficulties, fertility challenges, heart disease, and weight gain – to name a few!

The negative effects of a sedentary lifestyle are probably not brand new to you, as there have been recent studies enlightening us. Take this article in Women’s Health Magazine for instance –  It highlights the fact that even with set aside time for daily exercise, if you’re spending extended periods of time of sitting, it’s still a health risk.

What you might not know is that sitting for long periods of time also decreases circulation to the uterus and ovaries, contributing to any menstrual symptoms you might be experiencing.

So what’s a working girl to do?

Start with these suggestions that can get you moving in all the right ways!

  1. Yoga in your chair. It’s as simple as searching in YouTube for simple exercises you can do while seated.
  2. Arvigo Maya Abdominal Massage is a wonderful hands-on healing modality that we recommend to our clients frequently. If you need practitioner referrals, let us know!
  3. Clear Passage is another hands-on technique that can help clear up adhesions that might be interfering with your fertility.
  4. Hip circle breaks. That’s right – just stand up again and move your hips in a figure-eight pattern. It stretches your psoas muscles and brings circulation to your abdomen. (If you’ve ever been to one of Alisa’s lectures, you’ll know that this is her favorite way to begin!)
  5. Dance breaks. Take a few minutes to play your favorite music, step away from your desk, and boogie down. For inspiration, check out our FLO health coach Jess rocking it out at the office.
What are your favorite ways to stay active throughout the day?
Share them with us and let’s keep it moving!
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