4 hormone-related symptoms you’re ignoring

It’s time to get intimate.

We all have lady parts, and we all at some point will come across mysterious or embarassing symptoms that we’re not sure what to do with.

I thought it was time to break the silence around these, so this week I’m talking about all the things you wonder about but feel too shy to mention in public: dandruff, bowel movements, body odor, and more!

It turns out these symptoms actually have A LOT to do with your hormonal balance, so if you’re not addressing them, it could be costing you your fertility, energy, good moods, and more.

Get the scoop on your less-than-pleasant symptoms in this week’s video!

And find out how they could be affecting your hormones.

I’ll share:

  • the symptoms to look for
  • why they are hormonally related
  • what you can do to start healing them and feeling better now!

I call these my “body gossip secrets” for a reason -

with summer love,

29 thoughts on “4 hormone-related symptoms you’re ignoring

  1. I have rosecea/acne — it only developed over the past year. I’ve been on birth control for about 5 years and recently came off it this month to see if it would fix a host of symptoms (stubborn unexplained weight gain, mostly). I don’t have soy or artificial sweeteners, eat a vegan-ish diet (sometimes cheese sneaks in there), am gluten free, and eat mostly veggies, coconut oil, quinoa, almonds, etc. Do you have any additional food advice for how to clear up my skin? (or maybe even lose the weight too!?)

  2. I am 62. For several years I have been felt too dry all over even when I tried prescription bioidentical hormones. (I had oily skin in the early years) Some eczema has returned on my hands so I know part of it is a liver detox. But the symptom that drives me bananas is something between my legs that starts to itch at night and it itches somewhat UNDER the skin such that scratching it does not seem to relieve the itch.
    The gynecologist first gave me a prescription for candida which did not help. The next year she sent me to the top dermatologist in my area who just said that a lot of women my age have the same thing and that for some reason it bothers them only at night.
    Though I am a widow I do not mind masturbating from time to time (though unfortunately my sex drive has also now plummeted) so it is not a sublimation itch. And following a candida diet for months did not do anything for it either.
    I am also severely sleepy after lunch even when I have something I want to do, and in spite of avoiding simple carbs.
    I had premature menopause at 39. Is this related or something else and is there anything I can do? It is annoying because after I scratch then I have to get up and wash my hands and then it itches again. When I scratch lightly some dry skin flakes off but it feels like there is something in there operating as a foreign body or something that I need to get out of there. The dermatologist is not concerned and I don’t want to use cortisone because I think it thins the skin and makes things worse. I am also sulpha allergic so skip antihistimines.

  3. I stopped using all commercial shampoos, and found a great home shampoo recipe on line, this stopped my dry flaky scalp that I’ve had for years! Replaced my commercial toothpaste with Jason’s, but even that left my mouth feeling funny. Used Primal Life Organics serum and toothpowder last night. For the first time my mouth didn’t have a weird chalky feeling after I brushed. Thanks for the info here. I realize through your videos and books that I have issues with my liver and my adrenals. Years of “beauty products” and processed sugar need to be detoxed from my body!

  4. Alisa,

    Thank you as always for your brilliant hormonal advice. I used to have IBS and terrible acne and dandruff. I never knew it was hormone related (I have PCOS). In 2012 I changed to a pescatarian diet, cutting out meats (most are packed with antibiotics and hormones) and cut down on processed foods. At first I was ingesting too much soy or fake meats to replace the meat. But now I have learned to eat a healthy pescatarian and vegetarian diet without the soy or processed foods. Things like avocado, mahi-mahi, quinoa and kale. Even my husband finds it delicious. The acne, dandruff and IBS have gone away. It’s really amazing!
    Thanks so much for your advice and for your book Woman Code.
    You are amazing!

    Suki (@sooktonsays)

  5. thanks for great information, as always! being informed about our bodies and how they work makes it so much easier to do a good job of caring for ourselves. xo

  6. Thank you so much for the information on the video. It really helped me to start making connections between systems that I hadn’t before. I have the acne issue and I’m first going to remove my Implanon, and see if that helps. As I already am using many of the food products you have suggested. Thank you again.

  7. OMG!! Your book and all the info you share is amazing.
    Thank you for taking your time to share all these with us.

  8. You are such an inspiration to me! I am an older lady (48) with two young daughters 11 & 5 (11 yo is my step), and have been plagued with hormonal issues my entire life. I wish you were around when I was younger, I probably would have been healed long ago. However, I have eaten healthy, I wasn’t healing because I didn’t know what to ‘listen’ for from my body. Now, facing peri-menopause, I know that I can help keep those symptoms from ruling my life. All you 20 year olds…listen to this wonderful woman. She will help you stay beautiful from the inside out! Thank you Alisa!

  9. Thank you for another inspirational video. I have thyroid and cyst in one of my ovaries I can’t wait to get my hands on your book and start doing some real work on me. I have been watching your videos and I love them. Keep up the great job. Love you!!!

  10. Hi
    I have a question is thyroid and ovarian cysts somehow related? And how can I help my thyroid in regards to nutrition?

    Thank you
    Evita from Greece.

  11. This video was incredibly helpful and spoke to the specifics of my concerns so clearly and succinctly. Thank you for this video series — your services years ago to treat my PCOS were outside of my financial abilities, so being able to benefit from your pragmatic wisdom here is so wonderful.

  12. As always, another GREAT video! I am always amazed at what I learn from watching your videos. Sometimes the video will trigger an ‘ah ha’ for me. Please keep them coming.

  13. Hi,

    I’ve been following the woman code very closely for 4 months and it’s really improved – but not eliminated – the issues you discuss here. (THANK YOU!!!)

    What has been the timeframe you’ve noticed with your clients to clear up acne?

    Mine has decreased a good 75 percent and I am thankful! I use stevia sparingly and the aloe vera moisturizer, as well as eat high fiber foods; what more can I do to clean out my liver?

    I have 2-3 bowel movements a day – probably due to all that fiber. They are normal to loose and start 30-60 minutes after I wake up. (I’ve only been paying so much attention since reading the Woman Code!) So, it seems like I should not still be getting acne. I do have oily skin and I haven’t noticed any changes. The aloe vera is great to keep the moister under control.

    Any more suggestions? THANK YOU!

    1. HI Jess, I don’t know your answers in food terms but try getting some Aloe Vera drinking Gel and also a propolis cream for your skin. This should help some.

  14. Thank you for the tips. I found your Tedx video and was intrigued by the hormonal ratios. I’m getting older and I’m sure that my body has responses that I’m not being responsible for. I would like to read your book and get more information. I’ll be coming back to look at more videos and read more blog posts. I’m now engaging in this conversation about what my body needs and how my hormones play a big part in the balance I experience every day. Thank you for doing this work.

  15. Loved the video, thought it was super-informative! The only thing that bothers me is about stevia. I hear this from nutritionists too, to take out artificial sweeteners and use stevia. First off, I never use artificial sweeteners because they taste disgusting, but I’ve been trying to cut down on sugar and all I hear is one alternative – stevia. I have tried stevia and it tastes HORRID just as bad as the sweeteners. I wish you and the nutritionists would give another alternative.

    1. Hi Michelle, I personally love xylitol. It tastes like sugar but is completely natural and doesn’t impact your blood sugar, so it’s a great natural substitute to sugar.

  16. Thank you for sharing this. I found it VERY informative & will keep in mind to be more aware. I tend to have acne on my forehead/cheeks/chin when it’s the time of my period sometimes or when I’m stressed a bit I meditate to bring my heart/blood pressure down & calm my body. I am so sharing this EVERY women needs to know this!

  17. Aloha Alisa,
    Ive been following your program for 2 months now and Im feeling really confident about getting off the pill! I watched your video and I will for sure start juicing to help clear and detoxify from the inside out. I notice that I dont have odor at all unless I have a heavy emotion about something, whether its being angry or sad. Im feeling ok with my skin. I know Im still pushing out toxins. Your comments though about acne- Ive been noticing that my skin has little bumps everywhere. Not noticeable from a distance but I see it in the mirror and Im not too happy about it. Any suggestions for getting these little guys to go away? I went to an esthetician. She said my skin looks good but Im not satisfied. Im not as clear as I was when I was on the pill- the reason I went on it in the first place. I dont eat soy, I dont eat dairy, and I try to avoid all sugars except fruit. Would love your thoughts!

  18. You suggest Aloe Vera Juice. Do you have any you would recommend specifically? The 3 or 4 that I have tried so far have not been pleasant tasting and I just could not drink it daily. But I open to trying more if there are any you might recommend.

  19. Magnesium and vitamin C are my favorite natural tools for keeping the bowels happy.

    I am constantly amazed at the how much hormones affect the body and how we can balance them with food. Thanks for the great tips! :)

  20. This is a great video & great tips. Thank you for sharing those with us Alisa! :) Since I started on this healing path from endo & on the Hormonal Sync system, I have felt more empowered by understanding better how my body works. It is just great to be able to understand how different symptoms can be interconnected, and where to start.

  21. I do have an acne problem from my puberty and on. I am 31 now. I do not eat the foods you mentioned we should not eat if we ha acne. I eat lots of veggies and fruits. And they are organic all of them. What else can I do?

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